• Play Fun ... Live Happy!

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Play Fun ... Live Happy!

In parks and pools and playgrounds.

We Just Love Fun!

Our Passion ... creating joy through play.

Bringing families & friends together.

What We Do...

Why We Do It

Passion . . . Tradition . . . The Thrill of Creating

Our Passion is developing concepts from idea through production with a mission of creating joy through play. We love fun and bringing people together. We appreciate the importance of the outdoors and physical play, and also of gathering around a table for games and laughter.

We've been developing inventive stuff for quite some time. It's a tradition. We can't help but keep stoking the creative flames.

Game Time Any Time!

The Joy of Discovery

We love those "aha moments" that might bring ideas to life! As inventors, our hope is to have those often.

Our goal is to bring our products to as many people and families as possible. There are many ways to do this nowadays, but the joy of walking into a store and findind something new is always fun!

We're appreciative of the retail merchants who have helped us bring our ideas to the people.

2023 . . . Design and Invent

This year I am switching focus from entrepreneur to designer/inventor. Creavity is one thing that doesn't slow down with age ... at least for me. Having always had that spark, I figured it was time to light the fire.

In 2023, I'll be sketching, building, testing and presenting new concepts to manufacturers around the country.

It's always a challenge, but so much fun!

I'm always open to ideas and partnerships. Please get in touch below if you would like to work with me.